Athletes Accomplishments & Testimonials

“YBCC was just the type of coaching I was looking for. After the first meeting with Klas, I knew he was the coach and person I wanted to help me finish my first Ironman. Coach Klas pushed me to my limits but knew when to back the training off for recovery. His training plan virtually kept me injury free and had me more than ready, physically and mentally, when the big day came. He always made himself available for questions or support. Klas schedules monthly group training so you have the opportunity to meet and get to know your teammates. During these training rides/runs you realize you have a full support team. Everyone is willing to help each other. Klas knows that it takes more than a training plan and one person to get you to the finish line. He and his wife Lisa are super nice, fun and friendly people that know how to select the right personalities for Your Best Coaching Company. What more can I say, great coach, great training program and a fantastic group of energized individuals that I can now say I am proud to be a part of.”

Tom Howcroft - 1st Time Ironman Finisher at Age 58

“I love that Klas writes individual plans for his athletes. Not one size fits all! He will customize your week based on your goals, available time and ability. And he truly CARES about all of his athletes. He knows when to push and believes in each and every one of us. So happy to be a part of this incredible group!”

Heather Beutel

“Coach Klas is not only an awesome coach but he is a great person! Anything you need he is there for you. YBCC does not just write a training schedule, YBCC is a full support system for all levels of triathletes!”

John Blackwell

Klas took me on my journey to my first Ironman in 2014. I hired Klas because I wanted someone who could guide me on my training and be a wealth of advice. I got exactly that. I went into training with YBCC with a minimal fitness level and when I finished about 12 months later, I was an Ironman.

I am not a superstar athlete and you'll never see me on the podium at events. That's not the point of doing triathlons for me. It's getting better than I am right now. To push my body to the next level in what I can accomplish. Klas works with all types of athletes from people who qualify for World Championships to people looking to find a way to finish. Klas understood what I wanted to get out of my training with him and he crafted a plan that couldn't have gone any better.

The main thing that I got working with Klas and YBCC was individual attention. A training program that was individualized to me and the goals that I wanted to achieve. He understands that you have a life and sometimes life gets in the ay of training. He keeps you on track without burning you out. I also completed my training for Ironman with minimal injuries which is key for anyone looking to do a 140.6 race.

The weekly spin classes and monthly group rides are great for getting together with some people that are trying to accomplish the same goals that you are. They are tailored to the events you have coming up and get you prepared for what you are trying to achieve.

At both Boise 70.3 and Ironman Arizona, Klas and Lisa were right there at the finish and that meant a lot to me. As I was getting ready to head into the finishing chute at Ironman, they were waiting for me and they were jumping up and down and I loved seeing them as I finished that race.

Klas really cares about his athletes of all levels and if you are looking for someone to guide you through the next chapter in your life, I would say that he is your guy. You are still going to have to do the work but he will get you to that next level.

Todd Martin - 1st Time Ironman Finisher

"I'm a 46 year-old recreational runner and age-group triathlete who decided last year that I wanted to tackle some big goals in 2014. The first thing I did was hire Klas and YBCC to help me achieve those goals, and I've been working with him for over a year now.

My experience so far has been awesome, and I'm very thankful that I made the decision to join the YBCC family! Klas took the time to develop a customized training program for me, and he's always available to answer questions and provide support. He also offers amazing classes, clinics, and other resources to help me get to my goals. Klas has not only helped me build up my endurance and my form, but he also helped me develop the nutrition plan, the pacing strategy, and the positive mental attitude that I needed to be truly prepared, both physically and mentally, when race day arrived.

Thanks to Klas I accomplished my first goal back in January, which was to PR my full marathon time and qualify for the 2015 Boston Marathon. With his help I had my best marathon time ever (PR by almost 20 minutes) and qualified!

Then in March I accomplished my 2nd goal, which was to complete my first 1/2 Ironman race. Klas had me so prepared and his race day support was awesome, and as a result I had an amazing experience and beat my goal with ease!

My third goal is coming up this November - Ironman Arizona! A few years ago this goal seemed unattainable, but thanks to Klas and YBCC I know I'll be ready on race day and can't wait to cross that finish line!"

Al Serpa - 1st Boston Marathon Qualifier
- 1st Time Ironman Finisher